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The Wild Coast, Eastern Cape, South Africa
We are a family of adventurers & nature lovers; horses, horse riding, endurance riding, hunting, fishing and the sea; and of course the beautiful Wild Coast and the great Africa outdoors is all about who we are.
We live the life that we dreamed, we are very blessed and very grateful to be able to live and work and love doing what we do. Escape with us for a while, and experience our lifestyle... 

The Transkei Wild Coast, Eastern Cape, South Africa.  Situated an hour north of Buffalo City East London off the N2 between Durban & Port Elizabeth. Stunningly beautiful landscape. A magical combination of rural Africa,  Xhosa traditions, rolling hills, jagged cliff and wild unspoilt beaches.  One of the last remaining untouched coastal eco systems in Southern Africa & the best way to explore it is on horseback.  

Julie-Anne owns and runs Wild Coast Horse Riding Holidays & the Kei Mouth Guest Lodge 
Clint & Julie-Anne are married and have lived, played, worked & farmed on the Wild Coast their whole life.  

The Wild Coast

The "Wild Coast" is the rugged, remote, fairly un-populated stretch of South African coastline between East London and Port Edward, on the N2 between Durban in the North and Port Elizabeth in the South.
This stretch of some 350 km of cliff faces, perfect beaches and rich tidal estuaries is between the Mtamvuna River in the north, and the Great Kei River in the south. Inland, to the west, lie the Stormberg and Drakensberg mountain ranges, which reach on altitude of 2400 meters, descending to the Indian Ocean in the east.
At the Wild Coast the sun shines day after day, month after month, on this beautiful and extensive tract of undulating pastoral countryside studded with whitewashed, thatched rondavel huts.
Since Portuguese mariners first pioneered the sea route around the Cape to India, this notorious coast has claimed countless ships such as the Governor, Waratah and Oceania. The prospect of finding sunken gold and diamonds has lured treasure hunters to the Wild Coast over the generations. Although coins, trinkets and fragments of porcelain from sunken hulks are still occasionally washed up along the shore, it is of course the natural wonder of the Wild Coast that attracts the majority of visitors to the many resorts scattered along the coastline.
The rural people live a life richly colored by tribal tradition and beliefs. Brightly colored examples of the bead-work, together with traditional pottery and basketwork can be bought from roadside vendors and at some trading posts. The whole region, once known as the Transkei homeland, is the home of a major section of the Xhosa-speaking southern Nguni tribes and of course the birth place of the great Nelson Mandela.
It is also called the Border. For much of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries it was the region of conflict between the British colonists, moving ever eastwards, and the southward moving Xhosa peoples. A simmering border conflict of nine major wars were fought along the Great Kei river.
The Indian Ocean creates a sub-tropical land of flora and fauna from different climates all flourishing side by side like nowhere else in Southern Africa. The climate along the coast is nearly always warm to hot, with humidity levels rising form December to March. The climate is temperate with warm summers and mild winters. Soft gently falling rain occurs during the summer months (November to March) although it can be wet it is never cold. The winters are perfect. The average minimum temp rarely goes below 10 'C and the days are around 25'C .The best time to visit, fish and ride is from the end of March through to August. During October and November the weather is generally good but can be unpredictable as this is when we have our spring rains!.
Fauna & Flora
The flora rejoices in a vast array of indigenous coastal forest, prehistoric Cycads, tree orchids, Kiepersol, Sneezewood and Yellowwood. Lush vegetation with plentiful water, forest and fruit trees provides a beautiful environment for over 250 species of birds. Inland, coastal and sea birds rub shoulders and compete for sky space. Above it all, the regal Fish Eagle can be heard to shriek his haunting cry.

Escape with Wild Coast Horseback Adventures on an unforgettable horse riding holiday. Join us for a week long Horse Safari & trail ride along the South Africa Wild Coast. Gap Year adventure travellers and Career breakers can have a hands on horse riding adventure on our Working Riding Holiday at Sunray Farm.

Our much loved friendly horses are well trained for the work that is required of them. They are the team that makes your riding experience exceptional.

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