Wild Coast Horse Trails - ride a horse on the beach...

Are you on holiday in Kei Mouth or Morgan Bay and want to do something that the whole family can do together?  We are ideally placed for a day out from East London or one of the Wild Coast Jikeleza Route resorts. If you are staying at Trennerys or Seagulls Hotels we are just over the Kei River.

Ride on the beach with Wild Coast Horse Trails

Our horse paddocks are situated above the golf course at the Kei Mouth Country Club.  This is the base from where we offer short day rides for local holiday makers and start overnight beach trails.  We are perfectly positioned between Morgan Bay and Kei Mouth, and are a convenient day trip for guests staying at Trennerys Hotel or Seagulls Hotel across the Kei River.

Fancy a few days riding? Stay overnight at Kei Mouth Guest Lodge 

Wild Coast Horse Riding Adventures - Horse Riding in and around Kei Mouth and Morgan Bay on the Transkei Wild Coast of South Africa

Beginners Beach Ride 

A lovely 1 and a half hour ride suitable for the whole family. This is our beginners ride and children on lead rein are catered for (please book 1 day in advance). R400.00

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Morgan Bay Cliff Top Ride

Morgan Bay Cliff  Top Beach Ride 

This is a 2.5 hour more advanced ride that suits riders who want to do a bit more than just a walk and they should be comfortable in trot & canter. The views from the top of the cliff are stunning, you really feel like you are on the edge of the world! (please book 1 day in advance). R600.00

Full day Yellowwoods Ride

Explore the hills & cliff tops of Kei Mouth & Morgan Bay, and wander through the village to Yellowwood Forest for delicious forest fare, before heading aback to the horse yard after a canter along the Morgan Bay beach (please book 1 day in advance) R1000.00 (excludes lunch)

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Canter along the beach on a Wild Coast Horse Trail

Full Day Beach Ride across the Kei River
This beach ride is for riders comfortable on horseback (you can do rising trot & canter).  

Transkei Pub Lunch Ride

Your trail starts with crossing the Great Kei River by ferry, and then lovely canters along the beach take you to Trennerys or Seagulls Hotel for a great pub lunch.  The trek home is across country, meandering over the rolling hills and through the villages. R1000.00 excludes lunch and ferry fee


Waterfall & Picnic Ride

Once over the Kei River on the ferry, you head along beaches to a local waterfall - it's beautiful and you can swim - bring your own picnic - the route back takes you inland through the hills. R1000.00 excludes lunch and ferry fee

Departure time depends on the tide and will be confirmed when booking, normally starting at 9.30 am returning about 4 pm

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  • Scroll down to book online
  • Phone/SMS/WhatsApp 0825670972 between 8 am and 7pm to book a ride - or use the call button at the top of this page or the booking form below.
  • Please book your ride at least one day in advance. 
  • Please arrive at the yard 15 min before the start of the ride. 
  • Our weight limit is 95 kg
  • We are closed on Sunday Afternoons and the 25th Dec & 1st Jan every year.
  • All rides are subject to local weather and sea tides. We will call you and cancel or postpone rides if we deem it unsafe or too unpleasant to ride.
  • Please wear comfortable long pants and shoes that stay on (trainers are fine)
  • ALL riders are required to wear a protective riding hat (we supply) and a parent or guardian must sign for children under 18 years old - indemnity form and recreational release.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Payment is in cash, by EFT (SA banks only) or PAYGATE secure on line email payment option. 

 Your riding ability Scroll down to book on line

  • Never ridden = someone who has never ridden a horse, or have only done so once or twice on holiday.
  • Beginner rider = someone who is comfortable in the saddle & can stay on a reliable well school horse.  They can post to the trot (go up and down) and may have cantered a few times. Beginners generally ride once or twice a year on holiday with their partner!
  • Novice rider = someone who is comfortable in the saddle & enjoys a reliable well schooled horse.  They generally ride at a riding school once or twice a month, or like to ride a friend’s horse on the farm.   They can post to trot comfortably and enjoy a nice controlled canter.
  • Intermediate rider = someone who rides regularly and enjoys a forward going well schooled horse.  They may or may not be a little nervous for the first little bit while they get to know their horse.  They can control their horse independently and is confident trotting and in controlled canters. 
  • Advanced rider = someone who is comfortable on most horses in most situations.  They ride regularly and may or may not have their own horse. They have a good seat and gentle hands. They can ride in light seat, and can hold a strong horse in a fast canter. 

Would you like to make it a few days of riding?
Kei River Horse Trails & Riding Holidays are for you!
Stay with us at Kei Mouth Guest Lodge and enjoy a few days riding.

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