Testimonials and guest feed back on our Wild Coast Horse Trail, Wild Coast Horse Safari & Wild Coast Horseback Adventures (Gap Year/Career Break working riding Holidays)

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Wild Coast Horse Trails & Surf n Turf Safaris


Howard and Hannah Wilding - UK

This trip was recommended by Unicorn Trails as an appropriate and thrilling trip to bring Hannah (9yrs) for her first trail ride. An excellent choice in that the ride was superb with good pace and variety across the spectacular coast. Reign Supreme was an excellent choice for her and she had no difficulty in controlling the horse throughout. The balance of riding time and down time was just right for a 9 year old (but, if alone, I would have preferred more time in the saddle). As for the horses - excellent variety with plenty of choice for different performances; excellent and well-maintained tack.

Johanna Cromme - Germany

It was a very pleasant ride, to a lot of very pretty places! Nicky has been a very good host to us and looked after the horses very well. Thoroughly checked them before and after each ride! Altogether, I really enjoyed the trail ride!

Jane Brook - UK

A wonderful experience. Julie-Anne was a great, confidence-inspiring ride leader who ensured all the group were happy. The location was out of this world – I wanted the beach canters to go on forever! My horse was a dream – forward-going but responsive. The accommodation was fabulous – each place different but had something really special to offer. I especially loved Wavecrest on the coast with fabulous birdlife and glorious views. Altogether an unforgettable experience.

Emma Hilditch & John Sutherland - UK

Superbly organised, great fun, lovely horses, excellent accommodation, delicious food, beautiful trail.

Holiday highlights:

Nicky, our guide – could not do enough tio make our holiday a success. Great company and fab photos!

Horses – John was delighted with Reign and I with Tara. Couldn’t have asked for anything better – we were perfectly matched.

Final night – Tammy (at The Cock Inn) was a fantastic hostess and a great person to meet! Thank you for arranging all that!

Corinna Bischoff & Matthias Schifferli - Switzerland

We did not know what to expect and therefore what we saw and experienced was more than good. Nicky is an excellent guide and by saying we shall come again (hopefully) and only recommend you says it all I hope. She is good company and able to guide us all without out noticing it! The horses are just what we needed – we felt secure and comfortable – the pace fine, food good thoughout, beds good and, even though we ached at time, the view, countryside and fresh air made up for any little thing missing… and Nicky’s good mood and laughs – thank you it has been unforgettable and something we can take from for a long time or until we next come! You have all the patience required and always kept cool, clam and collected with clients which I admire!

Annabel Ross - UK

Spectacular, stunning and very exciting ride!

  • The route was dramatic and I loved the variation from cliff top, beach and inland seeing the villages. The beach gallops were great fun and really exhilarating!
  • The horses were lovely – forward-going, mannerly and my horse, Tassenberg, was an absolute delight (and very fast!). All the tack and equipment was in excellent condition and the horses obviously very well cared for and much loved.
  • Julie-Anne and Nicky were excellent leaders/guides – their local knowledge was really interesting and they were great company thoughout. They ensured the ride went safely whilest still enabling us to really ride on at times
  • All the accommodation was excellent and the location of the beachside hotels was wonderful! I particularly loved Wavecrest with the freedom to walk along the vast expanse of beach, the view, the ocean waves visible and audible from my bed!
  • The food was excellent throughout. In abundance at tijme!

I have absolutely loved this holiday and really hope to return! It was everything the brochure said and more! Thank you so much for a really fun and memorable time!

Lara van Breidenbach  - Germany

Excellent, well-trained horses, marvellous landscape, a great guide, extraordinary accommodation, culinary highlights and, most importantly, the warm welcome and hospitality added up to an unforgettable trail  at the Wild Coast. Every accommodation has its own character and makes you feel at home. All the people we met were more than friendly and made the trail something really special. The landscape is just stunning – wild, lonely and endless beaches, romantic green open space, rough, endless plains with the Xhosa villages and, last but not least, the mysterious sand dunes – the mixture was amazing and often unexpected! I had wonderful days without seeing a lot of cars in this wild beauty which was a great experience! Thank you a thousand times for welcoming me and making such amazing t rails possible!


Andre Links - South Africa

Very happy with the experience. No regrets. Horses are amazing and cannot be faulted. Guides experienced and very professional as well as accommodating. Scenery/trails stunning. Game reserve/Cock Inn cannot be faulted.

Sylvie Bula & Isabelle Tuetey - France

Very nice riding: we enjoyed the wonderful landscapes and the 100% reliable horses! Thanks to Nicky having found the perfect path… even at high tide! The lodge (Endalweni) and B&B (Cock Inn) accommodation were outstanding. Food was nice too.

Marjolein Kaeppel - Switzerland

The horses are very good, reliable, good to handle, good in temperament. Nicky is a very professional guide, good in handling the people and the horses,. You notice that she has a lot of experience. It was a pity that it was so wet, but also this (crossing the river) was a good experience.


Working Riding Holidays 


Katrin Attenberger - Germany

I really had the most amazing time here and a lot of things contributed to this! The Wild Coast really deserves its name; the scenery is wonderful, there are lots of beautiful, deserted places that you can enjoy (especially on trail), the rough ocean, the wildlife, the location of the farm (I enjoyed the rides through the bush the most), the sky, the stars… The horses are reliable yet full of spirit and enthusiasm; trustworthy and a lot of fun. Thumbs up for all the training, breeding etc.; it also has been great to see how a stud farm works, how the broodmares are treated and so on…. Let alone the foals! All the work riders got along really well, it is great to be in a group and do the tings that you are passionate about. The staff is adorable and super-nice!

Stefanie Hector - UK

I really enjoyed my time here, thank you so much for an amazing trail, lovely beach rides and interesting and varied outrides on the farm. It was brilliant to be made to feel part of the family and the whole organisation. I am very glad to have chosen to come here because I met lots of nice, interested people and really enjoyed the lifestyle, the work and, if course, that we went to watch dolphins!

Helen Taylor - UK

I really enjoyed learning about Monty Roberts’ technique of join up and follow up and then practising this method to back a young horse. The Wild Coast trail provided some excellent canters along the beaches and you can see why this area is called the Wild Coast! All the horses are well-schooled for their job.

Sarah Hoffman - USA

The work rider experience here was terrific! I learned so much and met so many fantastic people and horses. Would highly recommend to anyone and would love to come back one day. Going on trail was also fantastic. Thank you, Julie-Anne and Clint for all your hospitality.

Paul Robb -UK

I had a great time –a wonderful experience on all levels. Leigh did a great job managing what must, occasionally, be a difficult balancing act – namely, getting groups of ‘guests’ to work hard and effectively. The horses were all very good and sound – all the horses I rode were a pleasure to ride. I imagine, for the guest of “more mature years”, the hardest time is the first few days of adjustment time. I suggest this is the time to get some decent riding in and provide the most assistance. I have enjoyed myself and learnt a great deal about horses, people (female types), South Africa and cosmetics!

Hannah Sprake - UK

The last two months here have been absolutely amazing. The horses are lovely, lovely, lovely – there is always someone for a rider like me (who isn’t that experienced) to. Also, Amanda has been extremely supportive, friendly and hard-working. Nothing is too much trouble for her and she goes out of her way to be helpful and friendly to everyone. Trail was AMAZING! Thank you Julie-Anne! The atmosphere here is so relaxed and stress-free and it is exactly as described on the website (or better) so well done! This is such a special place with such lovely people; I never imagined I would feel so at home and have so much fun.

Frances Forrer - South Africa

I had a great time overall. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming. The horses are all beautiful and it was interesting getting to know their different personalities. I am very sad to leave – I have learnt so much during my stay and hope that, one day, I can return.

Maria Redhe - Sweden

It’s been a fantastic month and I’ve been riding just as much as I wanted. I’ve also learned a lot about working with horses and dealing with the problems (wounds etc.) that is a natural part of horse works. Everybody has been so kind to me – a special thanks to Amanda and Roz for their patience and it’s really been fun riding with you! Also a big thank you for being so understanding when I was worried about my spider bite. That meant a lot and the doctor I visited was great! I hope to come back again to a trail and bring some friends!

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