Horses and Horse Riding With Wild Coast Horse Trails

Our horses are very much loved and the special relationship we have with them ensures that you have a wonderful horse riding holiday.  Each horse has been hand picked or home bred for the purpose of trail and safari riding.  Besides good confirmation and movement, we select our horses for their exceptional temperament  and then school and educate them to be professional at the work that is required of them.  We use holistic horsemanship principles, developing their trust and a willingness to want to work with us. Our horses are kept out 24/7 and range over a huge bush veld area in a natural herd. They are barefoot and are schooled English style in the arena.  Across country and beach they are ridden with long, relaxed reins at walk and in a light seat at canter; making it comfortable for both horse and rider.  The horses well-being is always our first priority, they are the personalities that make your riding holiday exceptional.

We have a mix of Part Arabs, Anglo Arabs, Thoroughbreds, Percheron crosses & South African Boerperd.

The average height of our horses is about 15.2hh.  We find that for trail riders this is a good size horse- making them light and sure-footed along the sandy beaches and rocky headlands.  We have a wide selection of horses that suit most riders from nervous novice through to advanced.

The horses are exceptionally fit and in endurance condition, they are responsive and forward going.  They are kept on natural bush grazing, fed the best concentrate feeds and lucerne.  They are regularly dipped, de-wormed, vaccinated and kept in the very best working condition.

Here is a selection of some of our favorite photos. Enjoy !